Being vigilant online with EFF’s Panopticlick


We live a lot of digital footprint on the web. And not only the explicit kind of data. Our browsers can reveal many of our online activity by logging implicit data or what we call metadata.

It is a good thing that the Electronic Frontier Foundation built a tool for us to determine how common our browser configurations in terms of the plug-ins we use, our operating systems, and other web services. Check their site now:

This is what the site looks like:


while loading…


Here is the result for my browser:





These results tell us that the my current browser configuration appears to be unique which means that if someone is to target me with an ad or a malware, it will be harder for them to do so and with more effort.

What is browser or canvas fingerprinting?

It is an online tracking tool from an image drawn so fast within the browser in a fraction of a second only visible to a requesting website. It is virtually invisible to you. To be continued…

Use CanvasBlocker in FireFox.