OPINION: On 2019 Election Transparency Woes

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Reports from Commission on Elections (COMELEC) key persons and media outlets confirmed a sudden plunge in percentage in the transmission results around 92.89% at 5:45 am to 49.76% at 6:19 am. The results returned to a 93.45% at 8:01 am. COMELEC commissioner Guanzon explained that this fluctuation is due to a mere ‘java error’ and proclaimed that ‘there is nothing to worry about’.

After transmission to Municipal canvassing machines and COMELEC central server, results are directed to the transparency servers which third party and media can access to validate and safeguard. The results reflecting from the transparency servers are vital in affirming the accuracy, credibility and cleanliness of the election. Discrepancy in this transmission line is a major issue, this is something to worry about.

Many have expressed their frustration on the technical issues on the election results transmission. COMELEC should have done more rigorous quality assurance (QA) and preparation as these are critical. We urge COMELEC to hold accountability to the said issues and explain the chronology of the transmission mishaps.


Albert Yumol
Program Coordinator
Computer Professionals’ Union

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