On the Jeepney Modernization Program

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Jeep Mob

The issue of the Jeepney phase out had caused a myriad of clamors across the country by different sectors through staged mobilizations, driver’s strikes, public consultations and debate with the administration. It has been clear more than ever that the government does not see itself as responsible for establishing a publicly owned and operated transport system. They smoke-screen their agenda of profiteering with private institutions and multi-national companies with dubious promise of modernization, safety and efficiency.

LTFRB Chairman Delgra even boasts model units, implementations, and pilot testing in Tacloban last January 26. He said that the public was more than satisfied with the new cleaner and less noisy Jeeps. But upon consultation with the locals, the Jeeps operated only at the day of the launching and were only used by VIPs and public officials. Delgra defended this by saying that maybe the government officials we’re in need of the transportation system as well.

A firm analysis of concrete conditions of our worsening transport system tells us that only with a mass transportation system built upon the context of national industrialization can we solve our transportation woes. This entails developing truly local PUV manufacturing industries and the government investing in formal mass transport.

Without a clear plan for mass transport solution, the administration should instead support and subsidize existing informal public transport alternatives especially the Jeepneys which has taken up the slack and provided for the sorely need services for our commuters.


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